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Main House

 The Main House at Pebble Hill is a combination of 1914 and 1936 construction.  In 1850, Julia Ann Mitchell, daughter of Pebble Hill’s original owner, commissioned noted architect John Wind to build a lovely large plantation house at PHP, (known as the Wind House).  When Howard Melville (Mel) Hanna bought the property in 1896, the somewhat neglected Wind House was still the primary residence.  Mel gave Pebble Hill to his daughter Kate Hanna Ireland Harvey in 1901. Kate updated, enlarged and totally renovated the Wind House and in 1914 employed her good friend and favorite architect Abram Garfield to add a 100 foot long loggia, 3 bedrooms and a large sitting room to the structure.

In 1934 a disastrous fire totally destroyed the Wind House.  However, the loggia wing was saved, as the story goes, by a bucket brigade dipping water from the swimming pool.  Kate called Abram Garfield back to Pebble Hill and together they planned an elegant Main House rebuild and completed construction by January 1936.  The new structure attaches to the Loggia Wing and provides for a total living space on two floors of 26,000 square feet.

The magnificent neo-classical structure is filled with fine art, antique furniture, fine china, crystal, silver trophies and so forth that are the collections of both Kate and her daughter, Elisabeth Ireland Poe (Miss Pansy).  Pansy inherited Pebble Hill upon her mother’s death in 1936 and continued to purchase fine art, in particular Sporting Art, and other praiseworthy objects. Everything in the house is original. All of the items on exhibit were in the house at the time of Pansy’s death in1978. 

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