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Kathy Matteo

Nellie McKay
Appearing at Pebble Hill

February 15, 2015 at 2:00 P.M.
The Big Room at Pebble Hill's Main House

Nellie McKay is not easy to categorize. Her music is as tuneful and clever as the best of the Great American Songbook - part cabaret, part sparkly pop. But beneath the charming melodic surface is a wit that cuts, and a sharply tuned social conscience.

“…musical composer Nellie McKay steals the spotlight (and most of the laughs) with her sharply tongue-in-cheek endearing, multi-faceted performance artist...combined charm and biting wit.” – Jan Rosenberg, Show Business Weekly

The Washington Post wrote, “McKay’s music evokes the lost elegance of pre-Elvis pop because she recognizes that such stylishness and wit are worth pursuing. But these goals inevitably collide with the realities of money, sex and politics, and she documents those collisions in her tongue-in-cheek lyrics, emphatic beats and bubbly melodies.”

McKay has appeared on numerous TV shows, and her music has been heard on Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy,NCIS, Privileged, Nurse Jackie, and Mad Men. She has won a Theatre World Award for her Polly in the Broadway production of The Threepenny Opera. She acted and sang in the film PS I Love You and wrote and performed the song score for the Rob Reiner film Rumor Has It. Her writing has appeared in The Onion, Interview, and The New York Times Book Review.

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