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Photo of the Week

  • Kitchen Garden Wedding

    A wedding in the beautiful kitchen garden at Pebble Hill. Photo was taken by Allen Adams Photography []. If you are planning a wedding, consider Pebble Hill as your wedding location. For more information about Pebble Hill Weddings, visit our Weddings page.

  • Sallie at the Stable Door

    Sallie, the resident Clydesdale, stops in the shade in the stable courtyard right in front of the stable doors. A good place to take a rest on a hot summer day.

  • Main House

    Lazy summer day at the Main House. One of those rare summer days without clouds in the sky.

  • The Arbor

    Summertime at the Arbor

  • Backwoods Watcher

    Stomping around near an old barn on the "backacres" at Pebble Hill, this "lizard" was watching everything that moved. Even though I took the picture, I haven't a clue as to what type of critter this is. People call it a gecko, but is it really a gecko?

    Email me if you know. 

  • Rose Garden

    View looking thru rose garden to the east wing door, which leads into the Big Room of the Main House.

  • Duke & Prince at Arbor 2002

    Retired pulling team of Duke and Prince are shown at the Arbor near the Main House at Pebble Hill. The photo was taken in 2002.

  • Waldorf Honors July 4th

    The Waldorf is decorated in honor of July 4th. Pebble Hill will not be open July 4, 2011 because the holiday falls on a Monday this year. Pebble Hill is closed on all Mondays.

  • Country Road

    Road going out to the "back acres" of Pebble Hill Plantation.

  • Tait Painting

    One of many paintings in the Pebble Hill Art Collection. For more information about the art collection, visit the Tours page of our website.

  • new resident at Pebble Hill

    This little tortoise has found a new home in the back acres of Pebble Hill.

  • Guard Duty

    Woodpecker on guard duty at Pebble Hill. Picture taken at the picnic area near the pond.

  • Stable Courtyard

    Peaceful morning in the Stable Courtyard

  • Rose Show Parade 2011

    The Knights of Pebble Hill - Stable Manager, Brenda Singletary, and volunteer, Joanne Vaughn, strut down Broad Street on their beautiful black chargers accompanied by their faithful dog, Mandy. Rose Show Parade 2011

  • Stables at Dusk

    A view across overlook pasture toward the stables.

  • Want a Ride?

    King and Earl waiting in the shade

  • Camellia

    Several different varieties of camellias can be found at Pebble Hill. Most of the camellias are still in bloom, as of yesterday - March 23, 2011.

  • Duncan

    Duncan, a Gypsy Vanner, plays around at Pebble Hill. Duncan belongs to Joann Vaughn, a Pebble Hill volunteer.

  • Emms

    One of the many pieces of sporting art in the Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery

  • Crossing the Brook by Thomas Blinks

    "Crossing the Brook" by English sports painter Thomas Blinks is one of the many sporting art paintings in the Pebble Hill Sporting Art Collection.

  • Christmas in the Big Room

    Big Room in holiday spirit

  • Morning Room Christmas

    The Morning Room Christmas tree with antique toys underneath

  • Christmas in the Owners Room

    The Owners Room in the Loggia Wing of the Main House displays a tree decorated in winning horse show ribbons from years past. Notice the jockey atop the tree.

  • Red Bird Room

    One of the bedrooms in the downstairs of the Main House. This bedroom is located in the Loggia wing.

  • Fixer-Upper

    This old structure is located in the woods on Pebble Hill Plantation. Anybody care to guess what it was or what it was used for?

  • Horse & Wagon

    Earl, driven by Stable Manager, Brenda Singletary, takes a rest in front of the Main House at Pebble Hill.

  • Kitchen Garden View

    A view from the Kitchen Garden toward the Waldorf

  • Inside Nurses Station

    Interior of PHP Nurses Station, looking from front to back

  • Butterfly in the Garden

    photo taken by a photo contest entrant

  • Kitchen Garden

    A view of the Kitchen Garden by Carla, one of our photo contest entrants.

  • Log Cabin School - Winner of Spring Adult Category Contest

    Winning photo for the Spring Season of the Pebble Hill Photo Contest.

  • Big Boys & Watermelon

    Summertime is watermelon time, at least that is what the Big Boys think.

  • Stable Complex
  • AntiqueCarClubVisit

    Antique Car Club visit in November of 2007 - parked on the north lawn of the Main House

  • A Mural in Noah's Ark

    Just one of many murals inside Noah's Ark near the pond on Pebble Hill. All of these murals were painted by J. Clinton Shepherd.

  • Duke & Prince

    Enjoying the nice spring air.

  • Tea Service
  • Japanese Magnolia

    Another sign of spring

  • Aiden L. Ripley Painting of Turkeys

    This painting by Aiden Lassell Ripley, wildlife artist and illustrator, is one of many examples of sporting art in the Pebble Hill Art Collection. For information about a tour of this collection, visit the art gallery tour page of this website.

  • MacyBelle-spring 2009

    MacyBell, one of the PHP horses

  • Main House in spring

    Azaleas burst into bloom, heralding another spring at Pebble Hill.

  • Cherokee Rose

    A springtime favorite, the Cherokee Rose, is also the state flower of Georgia

  • Jellybean

    One of the Tennesee Walkers living the good life at Pebble Hill.

  • Pineywoods Church
  • Camellia Blooms
  • Otterhounds by Walter Hunt

    Painting by English Sporting Artist Walter Hunt. Pebble Hill Art Collection features many of this type of painting. For more information or to book a tour of the Pebble Hill Art Collection, please visit this link:  Art Collection Tours

  • Saddle rack carved by Gene Pullen

    One of many saddle racks carved by Gene Pullen that are located in the tack room of Pebble Hill.

  • Sally and Santa
  • Sally & the red wagon
  • Family Times by Misty Taylor

    One of our Adult photo contest entrants provided this week's photo.

  • photo by N. Hawthorne

    Photo entered into the Fall Photo Contest - Adult Category

  • Oak, Moss, Fence by D. Hall
  • The Art of Pebble Hill

    One of the many fine paintings included in the vast sporting art collection at Pebble Hill Plantation. To learn more about the PHP art collection or to book an art tour, visit the Art Tour Page of our website.

  • J Clinton Shepherd Coon

    One of the many J Clinton Shepherd panels in the Big Room of the Main House

  • Fall Decor
  • Fall decor
  • Horses in autumn

    Duke and Prince take a rest under the trees in their autumn splendor

  • Car show aerial photo

    Photo is north side of the Main House

  • Blackshear Road
  • Butterfly
  • The Big Room
  • MacyBelle
  • Loropetalum

    photo taken by
    Wallace Goodman

  • Pond Sunset

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • MacyBelle at the Pond

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • Indian Room

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • Butterfly Catcher

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • Duke & Prince under saddle

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • upstairs sitting room

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

  • The Waldorf

    photo by
    Marlane Taylor

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