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This Month's Recipe

This month's recipe focuses on salmon.

Salmon Timbales

2 T butter                                      2 C cold cooked salmon
2 T bread crumbs 2 eggs
1/2 C white stock or milk                   1/4 C butter
 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 C flour
1/4 tsp paprika 2 C white stock or milk
7 T chopped parsley salt and pepper








Melt butter, add crumbs and stir. Add liquid, parsley and seasonings and stir to boiling. Add the fish and the eggs beaten without separating. Turn into buttered molds. Let cook on several folds of paper in a dish surrounded by boiling water. Make sauce of the last four ingredients. Turn out molds on plate and serve with the sauce.

~Mrs. H. M. Hanna, Sr.


All recipes furnished to you on this website are from the Feast of Pleasure book. This book is available for purchase thru the Pebble Hill Visitor Center. Either call, 229-226-2344, or email in your request to, and someone will contact you with purchase details.

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