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Pebble Hill provides a myriad of learning opportunities for guests of all ages and with all interests. To access the various areas in the Learn section of our site, use the links to the left of this page or the links highlighted below in each section.

 “Homecoming” articles contain the memories of those who were at Pebble Hill while Miss Pansy was mistress.  Family members and guests who came to visit, as well as the wonderful people who made the Pebble Hill experience truly delightful, have contributed their stories to this living history. Enjoy the memoirs and personal photographs that provide personal insight into the people, the fun, the work and the animals that made Miss Pansy’s Pebble Hill “a place apart."   To access this page, click here.

You can participate . . . 
Do you have relatives who visited or worked at Pebble Hill?  Do you have old photographs of the people, the landscape, the animals, or the events that are part of the plantation’s history?

Share your stories and photos with us! 

Scan your pictures, note any inscription on the back of your photo, and email them to us along with any information you have that helps explain their relationship to Pebble Hill. Let us know if we have permission to publish your photos on our website. Information without accompanying photographs is certainly welcome.

This section of our website is dedicated to telling our story through the words and photos of people who were here before Miss Pansy’s death in 1978 Contact Whitney White, Main House Museum Manager - 229-227-5389 or email for more information.

“Learning for Kids” contains articles, projects and games designed to provide children with information about the plantation. You and your family will enjoy visiting this site both before and after a trip to Pebble Hill.  The site is also a great resource for teachers! To visit this page, click here.

“The PHP Archive” contains numerous articles which have appeared previously on the website and are still accessible to patrons online. There are articles on the history of the plantation, Hanna family members, museum collections, buildings, animals, and much more.  Check it out!

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