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Family & Friends - 2011

  • Equine encounter

    Everybody loved the Pebble Hill Percherons who roamed the grounds. Stable Manager, Brenda Singletary, showed off both King and Earle to the delight of the event visitors. The horses took turns meeting and greeting.

  • Hot day...Cold drink

    Shaved ice from Hawaii Snow proved to be very popular on this warm Sunday afternoon.

  • Information, please

    Staff members Whitney White and Connie Bishop man [or in this case woman] the membership/general information tent.

  • Showing off head gear

    Staff member, Annie Wade and one of the younger crafters show off their newly made head gear.

  • Happy Crafter

    This little guy was having a great time with his craft project.

  • Kids Crafts
  • Keeping it real

    Don Sims waits with a challenger for his art. Don served as the emcee and as "the clock" for this event.

  • Challenger receives artwork

    Challenge met. Artwork completed in 2 minutes. On to the next one...

  • Hurrying to beat the clock

    Rich hurries to make the 2-minute time limit.

  • Listening to the challenge

    Rich listens as an audience member gives him the artistic challenge.

  • Stump the Artist

    Rich Curtis displays one of his many works of 2-minute art. The crowd was challenged to stump the artist by telling what they wanted him to draw. Rich then was allowed 2 minutes to complete the project. A real crowd-pleaser!

  • Everybody loves a good story

    Especially, when the story is told by such a gifted storyteller!

  • The animated Andy Offutt Irwin
  • Andy Offutt Irwin, storyteller extraordinaire

    Always entertaining, stories by Andy Offutt Irwin

  • Interested audience

    Luree's chainsaw art drew a large number of spectators.

  • Working on a wood sculpture

    Luree working on another wood sculpture

  • Luree Magee's Chainsaw Artist

    Luree blackens the wood by burning in order to put the finishing touch on a black bear sculpture

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