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Our Amazing History Gallery

  • Pansey With Dog
  • Dogs in Packard
  • Aerial photo of Pebble Hill circa 1930s
  • Pansy with Suffragette
  • Kate Harvey preparing for hunt
  • Pansy & President Jimmy Carter
  • Perry & Kate Harvey shooting
  • Mrs. Harvey shooting at the marsh
  • Mrs. Harvey with Jersey
  • Jersey Auction
  • Jersey Auction
  • Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • President Eisenhower & George Humphrey
  • Pansy jumping on Mighty
  • Pansy and her puppies
  • Pansy and her dogs
  • Pansy & Liv at log cabin school
  • Pansy driving Tolley
  • Wind House before Hanna purchase
  • Wind House after Hanna purchase
  • Playing Polo
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