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Antique Car Club Visit

antique car clubMembers of the Horseless Carriage Club of America rolled into Pebble Hill recently and filled the parking lot with their magnificently restored antique automobiles. The club defines horseless carriages as any pioneer gas, steam and electric motor vehicle built or manufactured prior to January 1, 1916.

When wanting to know more about this era of automobile history, I checked the clubs website and found just the perfect clear and concise description I was looking for:

“This unique period of automotive history covers the turn of the century to the end of carriage coachwork, gas lights, hand cranking and profuse use of brass. For the most part, only the wealthy owned automobiles during this pre 1916 era, and ownership required a pioneering spirit, inventiveness and superior mechanical ability to keep these early automobiles functioning. These early automobiles were called horseless carriages as they were capable of transporting people and freight faster and longer distance without the need of a horse to pull them. Unlike a horse, the automobile did not require feeding or veterinarians to maintain health when not in service, but like a horse they often got a colorful language/lecture by the owner when they would not perform.”   (Read more at

Members of the Pebble Hill staff and patrons lucky enough to be visiting the same day as the HCCA were thrilled to get a firsthand look at these incredibly beautiful and historic machines!

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