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The Baby Oak at Pebble Hill

Just Planted“Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow.” This old saying expresses the hopes of PHP staff members and Carol Hasty Singletary. Thomasville’s “Big Oak,” located at Monroe and Crawford, provided the acorn, and Carol provided the loving care necessary to transform the acorn into a living growing baby tree.

Carol Singletary’s grandparents, John Albert and Netta Chastain, lived in a house under the Big Oak, and the tree has always been special to Carol and her family. Singletary noticed the tree had not produced acorns for a number of years and when, in 2005, the tree produced a bumper crop, Carol went to work germinating, planting, and caring for what proved to be a whole new generation of big oaks. The tiny trees went to various members of Carol’s family to receive more TLC and to grow. Carol’s sister, Rebecca Boswell, of Henderson, NC took care of one baby oak for a while then returned it to its native Thomasville.

Carol decided that Pebble Hill would be the perfect home for this special baby oak. It was planted amidst much fanfare on Arbor Day 2009. We are hoping our baby oak will grow to match the Big Oak in size. The Big Oak has a limb span of 162 feet and a trunk circumference of 24 feet. It has some “big roots” to fill.

Baby Oak 2011Update: The tiny oak tree planted near Pebble Hill’s pond is alive, well and happy in its “playpen,” keeping safe from mowers and other predators. When out and about at Pebble Hill, you are welcome to stroll down to the pond and say hello to the little “oakling,” located on the far side of the pond across from the picnic area.

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