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HomecomingPebble Hill Homecoming Highlights

Pebble Hill Homecoming provided those who remember Pebble Hill as a private home the chance to share their memories and experiences.

Through the years, Kate Harvey and Pansy Poe offered numerous opportunities for developing individual talents while working at Pebble Hill. Gene Pullen’s daughter, Margaret Pullen Ridolfi, and her husband, Lou Ridolfi, shared their memories of time spent with “Miss Pansy.”  Marge’s father was the artist who created the spectacular wood carvings that adorn the Main House and the Stables at Pebble Hill. Estella Hadley Groover and her brother, Jack Hadley, shared memories of growing up at Pebble Hill, attending different holiday events, and going to school on the property. Estella and Jack’s father, Dennis Hadley, was the Pebble Hill chauffeur for 53 years.

The memories of guests, relatives, and other visitors to Pebble Hill are also valuable as we continue to develop a comprehensive history of the plantation and the wonderful people who lived here. Dr. Ben Grace remember times he had swimming in the Pebble Hill pool, bird hunting, and eating dinner in the formal dining room.

The Homecoming archive is an ongoing project. We at Pebble Hill welcome you to share your photographs and personal experiences. This is an interesting and exciting project; we hope to hear from you.

Please call or email Lori Curtis for an appointment or for more information:

229 227-5390,

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