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Children Love to Visit PHP

King and EarlePre-K students from Jerger School recently had a wonder adventure at Pebble Hill. They spent a lovely, mild, fall day investigating the Stables Complex, running through the maze, learning about the PHP fire engine and looking in a classroom that Pansy and Liv Ireland used over one hundred years ago. The students colored pictures of the wild animals found at Pebble Hill and ate lunch in the courtyard.

The best part of all though was the wagon ride. King and Earle, the plantation’s huge black percherons, stepped out proudly pulling our big green wagon filled with laughing students. King and Earle’s friend Duncan, a Gypsy Vanner, pulled a smaller wagon packed with equally happy children. Duncan belongs to PHP volunteer Jo Ann Vaughan.

DuncanChildren love to visit Pebble Hill. Has your child’s class or Sunday school group been to PHP for a great adventure lately?

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