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Old McDonald Never Had It So Good

new tractorWallace Goodman, Pebble Hill’s Director, and Marvin Vinson, Supervisor of Maintenance and Grounds, pose like proud fathers in front of the plantation’s new bright green tractor. Old McDonald may have had all those animals, but our guys have a new tractor that is heated and air-conditioned! The superstructure is especially designed to keep the driver safe when working out in the woods; should a tree fall, it will just bounce off the heavy steel cage. The new piece of equipment can handle a large number of supplementary implements and does such things as cutting the time required to mow our large pastures by 2/3s.

If you remember riding on your grandfather’s tractor which was not as tall as a car, this tractor is in a whole different class. Wallace stands 6’ 5”, and can’t even pat the top. If you come to Pebble Hill’s Plantation Family Christmas, Wallace and Marvin might allow you to have your picture made with their favorite new toy—oh sorry—new workhorse piece of equipment.

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