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Plein Air Painting at Pebble Hill

plein air painter 1Plein Air painting developed in France during the nineteenth century when artists realized that their landscapes, traditionally painted in the studio, were not entirely realistic. They began taking their easels outside and were captivated by all they observed. They were intrigued by the light glinting off water, the way color changes in different lights, the constant movement created by the breeze, and other aspects of landscape seen through atmosphere.

plein air paintersPlein Air painting still captures the devotion of artists and provides challenges as changing as the light from morning until evening. Artists recently had two opportunities to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Pebble Hill. Master watercolorist Esther Tubbs held an afternoon workshop on the Main House front porch. This location allowed students to focus on Pebble Hill’s front lawn. The Plein Art Painters, part of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society, spread across the plantation on Family and Friends Day and guests could look over their shoulders. There is a special excitement about watching artists work and we appreciate both groups of artists being at Pebble Hill.

plein air painterAre you an artist? You are always welcome to bring your easel to Pebble Hill. Any time of year, we can promise you a spectacular landscape that will enliven your creativity.

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