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elisabeth ireland poe gallery

Nancy Ireland Stahl, PHP Board of Trustees member, and her husband William W. Stahl have long envisioned a gallery that would appropriately showcase the excellent Sporting Art collected by Elisabeth (Pansy) Ireland Poe. Nancy and Bill shared their inspiring vision with fellow board members and the Pebble Hill professional staff, and today the vision is a reality. The second floor of the Main House has been renovated into a world class art gallery and an appropriate showcase for one of the country’s finest Sporting Art collections.

Gallery Entrance

Miss Pansy’s art collection reflects, as all private collections do, the interests and tastes of the collector. The consummate sports woman, owner of fine horses, and lover of animals collected, as you would imagine, images of horses, dogs, fox hunts, quail shoots, polo players and other subjects that fall into the popular Sporting Art genre. By mid-twentieth century Miss Pansy had made the decision to allow Pebble Hill to become a museum upon her death and must have chosen her works with the intent of creating a public collection. Her purchases included all of the major English sporting artists, with the exception of two of the very earliest. All of the major Americans working before 1950 are also included.

The new galley area at Pebble Hill is a state-of-the-art facility featuring lighting, temperature and humidity control, fire suppressant equipment and a hanging system that is equaled only in today’s finest museums. The warm and inviting interior colors compliment the Pebble Hill ambiance, and patrons now view the collection’s fine paintings in the most favorable environment.

The project has truly been a team effort. Led by Nancy and Bill’s vision, Director Wallace Goodman and Pebble Hill’s talented senior staff members, every PHP employee and many of the area’s most qualified artisans and craftsmen have worked hand-in-hand to create a stunning finished product. Hard work and “yes I can” attitudes prevailed across the worksite. E. Turner Reuter, Jr., Curator of Fine Arts at the National Sporting Library, directed the hanging of the exhibition. An FSU graduate student, interns from the University’s Museum Studies Department and an EMT student from Southwest Georgia Technical College spent many “hands on” hours making sure that every detail was perfectly finished.

Patrons can enjoy the plantation grounds, take the traditional first floor main house tour, and visit the Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery at the customary price of $15. You are invited to visit Pebble Hill again, or for the first time, and we assure you that you are in for a truly delightful experience.

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