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Distinguished visitor tours Pebble HillDr. Nick Bottka and Dr. Klaus von Klitzing

A distinguished visitor toured Pebble Hill July 27th, 2011. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Klaus von Klitzing, of Stuttgart, Germany, was in the area for the Tallahassee Mag Lab (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory) Conference. While taking a break from technical discussions and visiting Pebble Hill, Dr. Klitzing ran into his old friend and colleague, PHP volunteer Dr. Nick Bottka. Nick was busy restoring one of Pebble Hill’s antique carriages. The two men were surprised and glad to see each other as they shared memories of attending other conferences together. Dr. Klitzing is currently affiliated with the world renowned Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany.

Recently retired Dr. Bottka and his wife Liesa were drawn to Thomasville by their grandchildren, daughter and son in law.

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