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World Travelers Visit Pebble HillWorld Travelers Visit PH

On Tuesday, August 16, 2011, a visitor from Italy and one from Germany came to Pebble Hill as guests of Thomasville resident Theresa Brown. Theresa’s granddaughter, Lilly Buller, a resident of Parma, Italy, requested the return trip to Pebble Hill. Lilly toured PHP a couple of years ago and wanted most of all to visit with her favorite PHP attraction, the wonderful horses. Tania von Uslar-Gleichen, Berlin, is also a return visitor to PHP. On this trip to Thomasville she came to help her nephew, Felix von Uslar, settle in as an exchange student at Brookwood. Felix visited the Browns 3 years ago, and when the high school junior had an opportunity to come to the U.S. as an exchange student, Thomasville was his first choice.

Pebble Hill is the place your guests will want to return to again and again!

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