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This Month's Recipe

Spring is on the way. What a great time for breakfast or brunch on the patio. This month we feature a great omelet recipe, one of Mrs. Harvey's favorites.

Spanish Omelet
(Miss McLean's Priscilla)

The Sauce:                                        The Omelet:
1 T butter 5 eggs, well whipped        
2 onions chopped                   1/2 C cream
1 small can of tomatoes Salt
Chopped parsley Pepper 
Flour Butter
1 bell pepper chopped fine  










Sauce Preparation: Put butter in saucepan. Add the onions and stir till brown. Pour in the can of tomatoes and the parsley. Thicken with flour and cook well. Before serving, add the bell pepper.

Whip the 5 eggs. Add the cream, and salt and pepper to taste. Put a little butter in a hot pan, pour in the eggs and cook in a hot oven. Serve with the sauce.

~Mrs. P. W. Harvey


All recipes furnished to you on this website are from the Feast of Pleasure book. This book is available for purchase thru the Pebble Hill Visitor Center. Either call, 229-226-2344, or email in your request to, and someone will contact you with purchase details.

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