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This Month's Recipe

Summer is definitely picnic time. Sandwiches are an all time favorite. We have John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, to thank for this delight. "A compulsive gambler (as well as a lady's man), the Earl found it more expedient to eat his meat between two slices of bread while gambling." [excerpt from Feast of Pleasure cookbook]

Chicken Salad Sandwich

2 C cooked chicken, chopped                                        Salt & white pepper
1 C chopped celery Mayonnaise        
1 hardcooked egg chopped                   Whole wheat bread
Butter Lettuce






Mix gently the chicken, celery, chopped egg, and season with salt and white pepper. Stir in enough mayonnaise to hold together. Butter the bread slices, spread the chicken mixture over half the slices. Top with crisp lettuce and the second slice of bread. (Nice to serve at tea with bread decrusted and cut in quarters.

~Mrs. Parker Poe


All recipes furnished to you on this website are from the Feast of Pleasure book. This book is available for purchase thru the Pebble Hill Visitor Center. Either call, 229-226-2344, or email in your request to, and someone will contact you with purchase details.

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