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The Animals

Duke and PrinceAnimals have always been an important part of life at Pebble Hill Plantation.

The Stable Complex was built originally as a home for Kate's Jersey herd.  Later prize horses, such as Pansy's hunter jumpers and polo ponies, were the focus.  Today the horse stalls still have the names of many of those fine horses.

For many years, the Dog Kennels housed 75 to 100 dogs that were an important part of plantation hunting.  A Dog Hospital on the grounds made it possible to give extra special attention when needed.

The Visitors’ Center has exhibits on the Pebble Hill Jerseys, horses, and dogs.

Pansy's "Slow Down, I Mean It" sign on the main drive is a constant reminder of the importance she placed on the animals at Pebble Hill.

Today Pebble Hill is home to one Belgian Draft (Prince), two Percherons (King & Earl), two Tennessee Walkers (Amos & JellyBean), a Quarter Horse (MacyBelle), and one Belgian mule (Jeff).  A Border Collie (Mandy), a Humane Society rescue dog, is frequently seen riding on the wagons.

Unfortunately we have lost several of our equine friends. Duke, A Belgian Draft who passed in 2012 at 25 yrs-he was part of the team of Belgians (Duke & Prince); Niles, our resident Thoroughbred who passed in 2013 at 37 yrs.; Carrie, a Belgian mule who passed in 2011; Jim, another Belgian mule who passed in 2011 at 22 yrs; and Sally, a Clydesdale who passed in 2013 at 18 yrs. We miss them all.

The picture shown right is of Duke and Prince. They were a beautiful team. Prince is still with us, however, so come on by and give him a pet.

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