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Learning for kids

(and teachers too)

Welcome to PEBBLE HILL KIDS!  Here you will find activities created especially for children and supported by PHP educational materials. For those kids who are planning a trip to Pebble Hill, check out the new kids tour book called Young Ramblers Ramble [This pdf file can be downloaded to your computer and printed for your convenience]. Also, if you will read what it says on the bottom of the first page, there is a special offer for those kids who are 10 and younger.

Student Groups

Organized student group tours can be arranged and tailored to suit the ages of the students. Students must be 6 years or older to tour the Main House. Maps are furnished for self-guided tours of the grounds. Wagon rides (weather permitting) and picnics can be included. Contact Lori Curtis in the Museum Office (229-227-5390) or email her for details and special rates.

A Pebble Hill representative is always available to come to your school to present a program about the plantation. This overview is especially beneficial for groups planning field trips to Pebble Hill. Call Whitney White, Main House Museum Manager - 229-227-5389 or email

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