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“Homecoming” articles contain the memories of those who were at Pebble Hill while Miss Pansy was mistress.  Family members and guests who came to visit, as well as the wonderful people who made the Pebble Hill experience truly delightful, have contributed their stories to this living history. Enjoy the memoirs and personal photographs that provide personal insight into the people, the fun, the work and the animals that made Miss Pansy’s Pebble Hill “a place apart.”


Oral History Interview with Thelma Lawyer

 May 2012

Thelma was in charge of setting the table for all meals, tea tables and breakfast trays.  She decorated tables and trays with flower arrangements she created, helped with the serving, and was responsible for all activities taking place in her domain, the butler’s pantry. Read More


William J. Furze (1885-1979)

In the mid-1930s, Bill traveled with his 'gang' of carpenters from Cleveland to work on what they knew as the Harvey Plantation (Pebble Hill). The owner and the architect of Pebble Hill were from Ohio also. Bill carried a camera with him, and took some photos of Georgia, which were found in his personal effects after he died. Story and photos shared by Tom and Carol Leonard


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