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Margo Humphrey BindhardtA Tribute to Margo Bindhardt

Smile When You Think of Margo

by Wallace Goodman Director Pebble Hill Plantation

The accomplishments of a life lived are forever etched in stone. The legacy of “doing for others” lives in what was done and what will be done. I worked for and with Margo Humphrey Bindhardt for a number of years. I was an observer of her actions, and often a student of her business and interpersonal skills as she served as my teacher. As an observer, I saw a heritage of humility in her daily lifestyle. As a student, I was able to take advantage of her vast life experiences from the unimportant to the very important as she went about her business as the President of the Pebble Hill Foundation.

In a letter written by Margo and read at her May 27, 2009, celebration service, Margo said she held, “a few important goals” she wanted to share. “The first of these is to listen…listen before you act and let what you hear guide you. Not what you think you heard, or wanted to hear, or just didn’t hear, but what you understood because you were really listening.”

Margo beseeched those in attendance to not forget, “to give and forgive.” She also said, “…try to like people. It’s easy to love, harder to like, so try to like your friends, family and colleagues.”

Margo Bindhardt touched lives in all the “roles” she held in all the places she worked. Countless dollars were raised for worthwhile causes through her efforts. The world is a much better place because of Margo Humphrey Bindhardt and a life well lived - with all of my respect, admiration and devotion. As her son, John Dunlap, said, “Smile when you think of Margo!”


From her obituary:

Margaret Humphrey Bindhardt passed away on May 20th, 2009 at her home Woodlet near Miccosukee, Florida. People were drawn to Margo. She had great warmth, fierce determination and a tremendous sense of humor and fun. Margo was born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio on March 19, 1942 five minutes before her twin brother, George. Margo graduated from Briarcliff College in New York. She is survived by her husband Klaus Bindhardt, her children John (Raphaela) and Louise Dunlap, 3 grandchildren (Oliver, Lexie and Philip), and her first husband Moffat Dunlap. Margo was the daughter of Gilbert and Louise Humphrey and is also survived by her mother and her brothers Watts (Sally) and George (Patience). Margo created a wonderful life for her family and left the world a better place by being a tireless leader of countless nonprofit organizations. Margo was extensively involved in the arts and education in both Canada and the United States. A former chairman of the Florida Arts Council, she has also served as President of the Art Gallery of Ontario, President and Chairman of the Canadian Opera Company and President of the Toronto Arts Council. She served as Great Lakes Regional Chairman of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Margo also was the Chairman of the Thomasville Cultural Center, Citizen for Florida Arts, Tallahassee’s Seven Days of Opening Nights, Pebble Hill Foundation, and the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. Margo’s involvement also spanned numerous educational institutions. Notably, she helped found The Country Day School, a leading independent school in Ontario along with chairing funding campaigns for Queen’s and Trent Universities in Canada along with Florida State University. Margo’s leadership and dedication came from examples in her own family. Her paternal grandfather served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Eisenhower. Her maternal grandmother was the first female Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare for the state of Ohio. Her father was Chairman and CEO of Hanna Mining Company and her mother was the first female President of the Metropolitan Opera Association. Margo always had a twinkle in her eye and once she put her mind to something, she thoroughly enjoyed engaging people to achieve a mutual goal. Margo was an active leader until the end. On May 1st, she helped with the groundbreaking of the Arts Exchange complex and also was honored to have “Margo Bindhardt Day” proclaimed in Florida’s capital on May 1st, 2009. Margo was blessed with a large range of interests from opera, to horses, to art, and her beloved Labradors. Margo’s proudest achievements were her family and her deep friendships.

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