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Staff Directory

Main Phone Number for Pebble Hill (229) 226-2344

Below is an alphabetical listing of Pebble Hill Staff and their direct phone numbers.

Name Job Title or Position Direct Phone Number
Tonya McCorkle Accountant 229-227-5379
Cal Cason Housekeeping Services 229-227-5391
Lori Curtis Curator 229-227-5390
Cara Dollinger Events Manager  229-227-5387
Gary Nelson Head of Security 229-226-5752
Brenda Singletary Stable Manager 229-227-5384
Marvin Vinson Supervisor Grounds & Maintenance 229-227-5392
Laura Strickland Grounds Supervisor Click to email
Whitney White Director 229-227-5389
Kitty Spivey Progam Coordinator Click to email
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